Switch On Your Mobile Phone

Switch on your mobile phone immediately as soon as you land. There is a possibility that we need to contact you.

Pickup Instructions for Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam


Schiphol Airport: Your driver will be waiting for your arrival at Departure 3, Door B.

Central Station: Find the taxi stand or kiss and ride area. Once you’ve spotted the sign, simply follow its direction. Your driver will be waiting for you at the taxi stand.


Eindhoven Airport: After passing the terminal, follow the sign leading outside until you see the Kiss & Ride board.

Eindhoven Central Station: Look for the taxi stand board outside the station and proceed there for pickup.


Rotterdam Airport: Pick-up is located beside the Kiss & Ride. After exiting the airport, head to the right side to find it.

Rotterdam Central Station:
Pick-up is at the bus stop behind the station. Please exit from the back entrance and proceed to the bus stop where drivers are waiting.

If you still have any questions don't hesitate and contact us at: +31203030770